Kalibre is focused on developing partnerships with incumbent global insurance providers to deliver a superb digital customer experience, both pre- and post sale, to deliver a range of protection and associated life products.

Kalibre is suited to deliver a comprehensive set of fully underwritten products, but has focused particularly on delivering life insurance solutions to serve the significant diabetic customer base. This market (8.8% of the global population) faces significant challenges in accessing life insurance – including the length of time taken to buy cover, limited range of benefits available, (low) expectations of success, and inability to identify with the products offered. Kalibre, in partnership with local carriers, addresses all of these issues. Kalibre also drives engagement around health management with clients after the sale – improving loyalty to the carrier, and mitigating health risks over time.

The customer journey comes first

Life Insurance is reputedly Sold and not Bought – which is perhaps a dubious accolade to the challenges of navigating the convoluted sales processes delivered in traditional life insurance environments. Kalibre simplifies this critical Sales Journey for both the Client and the Product Team by delivering a enterprise software solution that combines snappy front end performance with a robust yet flexible, and easily-configured rules engine.

The Kalibre platform combines a highly configurable sales journey and a powerful risk assessment engine to deliver a superb buying experience for fully-underwritten life products. Automated Kalibre decisions may be reviewed by underwriters or policy maintenance teams though the Kalibre workbench if needed, supported by a comprehensive workflow manager, or conforming applications may be cost-effectively processed ‘straight-through’ without the need for human intervention.

Finally, Kalibre helps manage client interactions over the life of the policy, driving better client engagement and retention for insurers.

Kalibre delivers
a highly improved and
differentiated digital experience
to customers accessing life cover
across multiple channels

Kalibre expands access to life insurance

Fully rated premium during sale

  • Proprietary scorecard used to assess primary customer risks
  • Reflexive questions to assess risk factors in  the absence of medical data
  • Underwriting decision trees drill down into  specific disclosures to accept and rate risks

Real-time calculation of cover

  • Fully loaded cover- or premium-led quotes
  • Stand-alone, or linked benefits
  • Adjustable advisor terms
  • Real-time acceptance and issue, including assessment of additional evidence requirements or exclusions.

Shared value adherence model

  • Management of prescribed risk-specific annual evidence requirements
  • Premium discounts are offered for improvements in risk – creating a beneficial insurer/client relationship and reducing both the incentive to lapse and the propensity to claim

Post-sale verification

  • Additional evidence requirements may be mandated by the nature of the customer risk being underwritten (high cover / low margin), random sample parameters, or specific medical disclosures

Kalibre’s focus on life insurance combined with our advanced technical capabilities translate into significant product differentiation and operational advantages for the businesses we work with:

  • In 2017 Royal London won the Best New Product Award for their Diabetes Life Cover product sold on Kalibre in the Cover Magazine Excellence Awards.
  • In 2018 Protection Review awarded the Innovation Award to Royal London in association with Gen Re for their work delivering a Kalibre-based diabetic product to Diabetics in the UK.

Complex business processes made simple

Life insurers have typically built their sales processes around standard, healthy lives – and disclosing a complex medical history or other risk concerns in this context triggers slow, offline, human, underwriting processes, which are particularly frustrating and often disappointing for both clients and brokers.

Kalibre focuses on delivering a superb customer journey by bringing all the underwriting decision- making into the sales process by dynamically building the application form around client disclosures and assessing the full impact of conditions disclosed in real-time (including accessing externally available data sources). Our most extensive deployments support the assessment of over 10,000 named medical conditions, and the range of potential combinations of responses and the resultant possible question sets run into the millions.

Kalibre supports its life insurance partners in delivering a highly differentiated customer sales journey, as well as managing complex, mostly health-based, customer interactions over the life of the policy driving customer retention and engagement. The platform supports a combined sales force in the tens of thousands of agents through the world, as well as direct digital distribution. Kalibre further supports multi-language deployments, and delivers in a range of regulatory environment.

Kalibre addresses 5 challenges that must be overcome to make life insurance products successful with diabetic (and other) clients:

1. Speed – cover should be available immediately, without long lead times for underwriting decision making, or extended waiting periods

2. Value – premiums and benefits should be determined early, and the original order should be honoured

3. Range of benefits – diabetic clients want access to the same range of benefits as everyone else

4. Sense of identity and belonging – diabetic clients don’t want to deal with businesses that find them to be different or unusual

5. High expectations of success – carriers must offer clients good prospects of being accepted for cover on application, and without the risk of significant repricing or changes to terms

Serving Clients with Diabetes

Our initial focus in our partnerships around the world is providing cover to people living with diabetes – a largely unserved life cover market. Serving this complex market requires a capability to assess the full spectrum of common medical history or other risk disclosures, as well as to deliver a broad range of pure risk products.

People living with type 1 and type 2 diabetes often face a lengthy and uncertain process when applying for cover due to extensive requests for medical evidence – which can mean it takes weeks before an application is accepted. This means that many people living with diabetes are excluded from having life cover, almost entirely due to the awkward and difficult sales process. This in turn means they may struggle to access secured loans or to provide adequate financial security for their dependants.

Kalibre products make it easier to secure life cover at the point of sale, and the broad acceptance criteria applied mean that most people with diabetes will qualify for cover.

Did you know?

  • 1 in 12 adults worldwide are living with diabetes
  • The largest populations of diabetics are in China (148 million), India (102 million), the USA (33 million), and Brazil (15 million)
    Diabetes is caused by disorders in how the body produces and uses insulin to control glucose:

    • Type 1 diabetes is caused by the pancreas failing to produce insulin
    • Type 2 is caused by the body’s cells failing to respond to insulin
    • Both diabetes types result in a lack of glucose control, with the risk of fluctuating glucose levels causing disorientation, retinal damage (blindness), nerve damage, foot problems, or other microvascular issues
  • Diabetes can be controlled but not cured using diet, exercise and medication

How it works

The only constant is change

The Kalibre solution draws on a range of innovative technologies to deliver a complex sales journey, customized to each applicant’s individual responses, without performance degradation or lag. Our products are distributed through both digital and intermediated channels to allow incumbents to quickly transform their life insurance sales process.

Our insurance partners using Kalibre work with our team to set up and administer their own underwriting rules, or they may choose to draw on existing Kalibre rule sets to quickly build their digital underwriting capability. Each deployed rule set is stored in the system to be able to replay application decisions over time (e.g. at claims stage, or to reassess past underwriting decisions based on new information).

Kalibre maintains a library of integration solutions to work seamlessly with legacy back-end systems, either through structured xml or json messaging, html POST/GET integrations, or through a suite of webservices.

Our platform development follows a highly automated build, deployment and testing process to reduce the risk inherent in any change, as well as enabling our development teams to accept ambitious system requirements and deliver them. We closely monitor new and emerging technologies and include them in Kalibre’s ever evolving roadmap to ensure we are well positioned to take advantage of new capabilities and thinking.

The Kalibre Value Proposition:

  1. Single-interaction sales process in both broker and direct channels
  2. Integrated health management and post-sale client engagement
  3. Embedded forms manager and underwriting decision-tree builder
  4. Rapid prototyping of new products and workflows
  5. Improved straight through processing (STP) rates
  6. Easy to implement back-end integration
  7. Best-in-class security solutions
  8. Robust, redundant architecture executed in close collaboration with our life insurance partners
  9. PII data segregation and anonymization
  10. Machine learning capabilities.

If you like what you’re reading, and you think your skills could be suited to joining our team please contact us at jobs@kalibre.life

About us

We focus on supporting
top-tier life companies
around the world to
deliver innovative life
insurance products for
their clients, and primarily
to people living with diabetes.

Kalibre Investors

Kalibre was established in 2016 to revolutionise clients’ experience of life insurance.

Today we support a number of blue-chip life insurance clients in the UK, Australia and in Germany on their most innovative offerings across the full spectrum of underwritten life products.

Kalibre’s development to-date has been supported by LeapFrog Investments and Quona Capital, and a well-established South African family investment office.
Gen Re, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, has been a key strategic partner to Kalibre since founding. Kalibre is able to leverage this relationship to provide reinsurance capacity as part of its offering to partner companies.

The Kalibre Team

Ross Beerman

Co-founder | CEO

Michael Dalby

Co-founder | CTO

Heinz Weilert


Gavin Cookman

Head of UK Operations

Ross Beerman – Co-founder | CEO

  • BSc Mechanical Engineering, MBA
  • Co-founded AllLife in 2004 and Kalibre in 2016
  • Prior to Kalibre he was Group CEO for AllLife, the leading provider of life insurance to people living with HIV and to diabetics in South Africa

Prior to AllLife:

  • Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions for Legg Mason Wood Walker in the USA
  • Financial Executive at Theta Group Limited, a financial services-focused private equity firm that successfully listed a banking platform on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange
  • Founded Theta Specialised Finance in 2001, a principal acquirer of distressed credit instruments.
    The firm was sold to a strategic buyer at the end of 2003

Michael Dalby – Co-founder | CTO

  • BSc Chemical Engineering
  • Co founded Kalibre in 2016, AllLife CTO 2006 – 2015
  • Responsible for Kalibre new market integrations

Prior to Kalibre:

  • Michael began his career as a Process Industry Risk Specialist for International Risk Control Africa
  • Engagement manager in McKinsey & Co’s financial services and ICT teams
  • Joined AllLife in 2006 as the New Business Development Director before transitioning to focus on Kalibre

Heinz Weilert – CFO

  • CA(SA), MCom, MPhil

Prior to Kalibre:

  •  25 years of experience driving the profitability and productivity of leading companies
  • Represented Nedbank as a board member on several of the group’s African subsidiaries over a
    12 year period
  • For a 3 year period, was seconded by Nedbank to act as Chief Operating Officer of the Development
    Bank of Southern Africa
  • Heinz has also served as a payment systems expert on a South African Constitutional Court appointed panel of experts to oversee Social Welfare Grants

Gavin Cookman – Head of UK Operations

  • Joined the Kalibre team in June 2017 to lead the Royal London Group relationship as they took their Diabetes Life Cover product to market
  • 35 years’ experience in banking, insurance (life and general) and consulting focusing on mergers and acquisitions, large-scale programme management, turnarounds, governance and risk management
  • Previous experience at NatWest, KPMG Consulting and Old Mutual in a series of executive and
    non-executive roles and as a voluntary trustee on the Board of Diabetes UK
  • Since 2012 Gavin has maintained a portfolio of executive and non-executive roles in the NHS, sports business consultancy and executive coaching whilst continuing his voluntary work at two of the UK’s largest charities for diabetes, Diabetes UK and JDRF, using his experience as a Type 1 diabetic since
  • He was involved in launching a travel insurance product for diabetics in the UK using many of the principles now adopted by Kalibre


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